Teamwork that works better.

We help healthcare organizations and other specialized industries dispatch their labor to perform services when and where they’re needed most.

Work AppYour labor picks it up.
Appointment Update: Your specialist, Paul Spicer, is on the way. They’ll arrive in 10-15 minutes.
Your customer is updated.
You track it on your dashboard.

Keep doing what you do. We'll help you do it better.

Manage and Mobilize your Workforce

Unlock your team’s potential. Add all the members of your organization directly on the platform, then post appointments for your specialists to grab – whenever and wherever they’re most convenient for your customers. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and the back-and-forth you’re used to. Now it’s just a click away.

Improve Efficiencies and Outcomes

Workpath technology establishes a new norm that’s no longer hindered by logistics and complexities of the past. You have unprecedented visibility and control. Dispatch, monitor and track all of your services in one place, in real time. The complex becomes choreography, creating a better experience for all parties involved.

Generate More Business

Time saved. Team optimized. Costs reduced. Workflow transformed. Outcomes improved. Customer experiences enhanced. When all of this happens, there’s one thing you can count on: You’ll have the bandwidth to generate more business. Use Workpath technology and see for yourself.

An array of tools designed to help you grow.


Your Dashboard is your home base. It’s where you create new appointments, then monitor and track their status. Toggle between List View and Calendar View, or search and filter through all your appointments to see whatever you’d like - the workload of your entire workforce or the activity of a single specialist.

The Work App equipped with Procedure Intelligence

The Work App notifies your labor when you post new appointment opportunities, it populates the accepted ones into their calendars, and when the time comes, it helps them navigate to the service location and guides them through your service protocol. All so they can focus on the customer experience and deliver better, more consistent results.

Glidepath™ Messaging System

Glidepath keeps everything on track with automated appointment reminders and updates to your customers. They’ll receive a message when their appointment is confirmed, reminders throughout the week prior to their appointment, and a final communication when their specialist is on the way. Service delivery has never been so coordinated.

Organization Tags

Use our customizable Tagging system to create a pool of Tags that are relevant to your work - like Centrifuge Trained, Urgent Care, or Licensed RN - and add them to the corresponding specialist’s profiles as well as any new service opportunities that require them. That way, new appointment opportunities are only posted to appropriately qualified specialists.

Service Request Form

The Service Request Form enables you to receive work from all of your customers, even if they aren’t part of the Workpath network. Pass your shareable Service Request Link to your connections and our platform transfers all of their outside opportunities onto your Dashboard just like the rest of your appointments.

Full API Integration

The old meets new, and they work together seamlessly. Our API integrates with your existing systems, like your EMR or other internal technology platforms, creating a streamlined workflow to further automate your processes.

On-Demand Background Checks

Our platform gives you visibility into all your specialist’s certifications, and you can also perform background checks at the click of a button – you’ll see the results right in your specialist’s profile. Background checks are priced at $19.99 per check.

HIPAA Compliant System

A safeguarded data center, and a completely HIPAA compliant platform. Workpath technology has you covered.

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